Collocations in the PTE test

What is Collocation?

The simplest way to define collocation is by breaking down the word itself: “co” means together, and “location” means place. Essentially, collocation refers to a group of words that commonly appear together in the same order or place. For example, “commit a crime” is a typical collocation in English.

Why Learn Collocations?

Native English speakers use collocations frequently, so knowing and using them can make your language sound more natural and easily understood. Additionally, they provide alternative and richer ways to express yourself. Furthermore, many questions in the Reading and Writing sections, as well as Reading Fill-in-the-Blanks, often revolve around collocations and their usage in English.

Types of Collocations

There are 12 types of collocations in English, listed here from the most common to the least common:

Adjective + Noun

Noun + Noun

Adjective + Preposition

Verb + Noun

Verb + Preposition

Noun + Preposition

Verb + Adverb

Adverb + Adjective

Noun + Verb

Adverb + Adverb

Adverb + Verb

Verb + Verb

For more information on collocations, watch this video.

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