Repeat Sentence in the PTE test

Repeat Sentence is the second part of the Speaking module in the PTE Academic test. Each candidate encounters 10-12 of these items, making it a significant contributor to your overall PTE score. Each Repeat Sentence item can add nearly 5 points to your total test score. During this task, you will hear a sentence ranging from 5 to 20 words long. After the sentence is played, you will hear a beep signaling the start of the recording, and you should then repeat the sentence aloud.

It’s important to position the microphone properly—not directly in front of your mouth, but closer to your nose or chin.

Many PTE candidates rely on their short-term memory to repeat the sentences. However, when sentences are longer, candidates often struggle, stutter, or forget parts of the sentence, sometimes even the entire sentence. In our online PTE coaching, we will teach you a technique that will help you easily repeat all the words in a Repeat Sentence item.

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