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Can we take notes in PTE?

Yes, you can, but not in a usual way. 1. Strict rules for safeguarding the PTE question bank PTE questions get repeated (read more). Therefore, PTE centers try their best to stop leaking questions. This means candidates are not allowed to take any writing implements such as pens or pencils with them into the test
Background The PTE Writing section consists of two parts; Summarize Written Text and Essay Writing, respectively. Candidates will have 10 minutes to complete the SWT and 20 minutes for the Essay Writing. Candidates will get 2-3 SWT and 1-2 topics for their Essay writing. 1. Use templates The PTE Academic is a computerized test. Therefore,
The answer to this question depends on the level of English competency of the person in question and how much time the person is willing to spend on learning and practicing different parts of the PTE test. But make sure you do the followings before you actually sit the test. 1. Get proper coaching This

Do PTE questions repeat?

The short answer is YES and here is why: 1. Standard tests must have repeated questions In order for a test to be able to compare different levels of English with accurate results, the content writers need to have standard test items. These items have been tested on many learners and have been standardized through

Is PTE easier than IELTS?

The PTE test is much easier than IELTS because of the following reasons: 1. The PTE test is 100% machine scored Once a test is automated, the chances of errors and mistakes happening during the scoring process are minimized. In the scoring process of the paper IELTS the only section that is machine scored is
The short answer is NO. Firstly, it is a computerized test. There is no human involved in the scoring of your exam. So bad mood, exhaustion, human errors, blurry vision … go out of the window. It is rather like you are not happy with the result of a calculation done on a calculator. 120

Can we cheat in PTE exam?

The short answer is that it is very difficult to do so because of the following reasons. 1. You can only sit the test by presenting a valid passport. Even a valid driving license which is a common means of proving one’s identity is not accepted as a proof of identity at a PTE test
1. Get the best PTE coaching During my 6-year PTE coaching, I have seen English native speakers attending my class who scored only 50 in their speaking while preparing for the test by themselves. So if you do not know how to do the test, you may end up missing points in the same skill
Introduction In this section, you need to write 200-300 words on a given topic in 20 minutes.The essay topic types in the PTE essay writing section can be one of thefollowing types: • Argument• Discussion• Problem-solution Although each type of essay is different, all three require you to give your ideas about an issue and
Background A lot of PTE candidates end up in a loop of getting the same score over and over again. This score is slightly different each time, but overall, it is the same as previous one. What is the solution? In this post, we try to address this issue. 1. Change your PTE test center
Backgound With the rapid spread of the Covid 19 throughout the world and indeed in Australia, most jobs and business had to shut their business and start working from home. PTE centers were not an exception, and all tests during the pandemic were either cancelled or rescheduled. Entering stage 3 and later on 4 meant
Background Re-tell lecture is the 4th item of the Speaking section in the PTE test. In this part, an audio along with a photo or just a video is played for the candidate. After it is over, the candidate has 10 seconds to prepare and then a beep signals the beginning of 40 seconds re-tell
Background Answer Short Question which is the last section of the PTE Speaking module includes 10-12 questions. The candidates are expected to produce a single or two word response to each question in about 8 seconds. If candidates remain quiet for more than 3 seconds, their microphone will shut automatically and they will lose the
Background Summarize Written Text is the first part of the Writing module of the PTE test. In this part, candidates will be given between 1 to 3 passages to summarize. Candidates will have 10 minutes to summarize each passage into one sentence. This sentence can be as many as 5 to 75 words long. Remember,
Introduction Questions have found their way out of where they are supposed to be since taking exams started. There are many websites which claim they have real PTE exam questions. Is this claim true? In this blog we try to clarify this issue for you. Ways of leakage In case of the PTE test, there
Background These days due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a backlog of candidates who have had their exams cancelled during the lock-down. If you want to book a PTE test date, the first available date would be at least a month away. This means that candidates need to prepare really well before sitting their
Background Re-order Paragraphs is the second section of the Reading module. In this part, candidates need to put some random paragraphs in the right order. Candidates can drag and drop the paragraphs in any order they want. You will get 2-3 re-order paragraphs in your PTE test. There is no individual time limit for every
Background The Reading section of the PTE test is, perhaps, the most difficult part for most PTE candidates. The two most important items of the reading section are Reading & Writing; fill in the blanks and Reading, fill in the blanks. Because Reading & Writing; fill in the blanks contributes points to the writing skill,
Introduction It has been a while since IELTS introduced a computer-based version of its paper test. The test is said to be the same as the paper one in every aspect, with the only difference being the waiting time for results slashed by a week’s time. As an educationalist and a content writer, I really
Background’s PTE mock test takes about two hours to complete. It is a simulation of the real PTE test with all the PTE test items ordered in the standard pattern. The difference between any online sample test and the real PTE test is that unlike a PTE mock test, the real one is not
Background After almost three months of lockdown and strict social distancing, the Australian Government relaxed the rules of social distancing. This means that the PTE Test centers can resume taking the PTE test, but only at half of their full capacity. This is because candidates sit at every other computer in each center. Consequently, it
Background After the COVID 19 lockdowns and the recent relaxations in social distancing, PTE test centers have started administering the PTE test with the social distancing in mind. In Australia, for instance, all centers have resumed taking tests with half their normal capacity. This is due to the requirements of the social distancing. Therefore, candidates
Introduction R&WFIB is the first part of the Reading section of the PTE test. This section takes the lion’s share of the points in the Reading section. Each candidate will have 4-6 pages of R&WFIB items. Each page contains 4-6 four multiple choice questions. The best strategy for success in Reading and writing; fill in
Introduction This article will introduce you to our free online PTE mock test which is designed to closely imitate the real PTE Academic test. This uncanny similarity in our mock tests and our PTE practice platform proves that our team knows this test inside and out. Another advantage of our PTE practice test over the
Background PTE Academic Test Centers issue a score report for every candidate who finishes the test successfully. Usually, this report card will be in the candidates’ email within 12 to 72 hours after the exam is finished. Score Report breakdown The PTE score report provides an overall score which is then broken down into two
Write from Dictation The last section of the PTE academic test is Write from Dictation, where a fairly long sentence is played once and the candidates are supposed to type the sentence in the space provided. This section contributes the second highest points to your overall PTE score. For downloading a pdf file of the
When it all started It took’s software developing team headed by Farshad Ghazanfari a year to plan and produce the best PTE practice platform ever. For getting the website the closest to the real PTE Academic test, Farshad had to sit the test twice and instead of attempting the test, he paid close attention
Describe Image Describe Image is the 3rd part of the Speaking module. It is the 6th highest point contributor in the PTE Academic Test. In this part, PTE candidates are given an image/map/graph/process … with 25 seconds to prepare. After the 25 seconds are up, the candidates hear a beep signalling that the recording has
Repeat Sentence Repeat Sentence is the 2nd part of the Speaking module.  Each PTE candidate gets 10-12 of these items in their PTE academic test. This part of the Speaking Section is a top point contributor to your overall PTE score. In the PTE Academic test, each of the Repeat Sentence items contributes almost 5
Introduction Your PTE Academic test starts with the Read Aloud items of the Speaking section. You will get 6-7 of these in your test. This part of the Speaking section is the 4th point contributor to your overall PTE score. In a PTE Academic test, each of the Read Aloud passages contains between 50-80 words.
Introduction R&WFIB is the first part of the Reading section of the PTE test. This section takes the lion’s share of the points in the Reading section. Each candidate will have 4-6 pages of R&WFIB items. Each page contains 4-6 four multiple choice questions. We can divide the questions in Reading and writing; fill in
Introduction I have been teaching English face to face for the past 30 years and I rarely gave online teaching a second thought. Five years ago, when I started coaching Pearson test of English Academic in Australia, a lot of students asked me if I could coach their friends and family members back in their

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