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Write from Dictation (WFD) is the last test item of the PTE Listening module. Here a sentence is read out and candidates

The fifth item on the PTE listening menu is the Multiple Choice, Choose Single Answer questions or MCCSA in short. In this

Answer Short Questions is the last item of the Speaking module in the PTE test. Here, PTE candidates will listen to a

Since the PTE test is conducted on a computer, it is better if you follow an essay template in your writing test.

PTE Highlight Correct Summary

The fourth item on the PTE listening menu is the Highlight Correct Summary questions or HCS in short. This type of question

The sixth question type of the PTE listening module is Select Missing Words or SMW in short. PTE candidates will get 2

If you haven’t sat the PTE test before, then you would automatically assume that the conditions under which the PTE test is

In the speaking section, the PTE test heavily relies on using a software called “voice to text” . This is also known

No, the PTE scoring has not changed yet as of to date 03/12/2020. The 2020 Concordance Report is a study initiated by

In this section of the Listening module, you are given a transcript of an audio track in which there are some words

Broadly speaking, there are four types of essay topics in the PTE test. This post will discuss this matter with some examples

The best PTE test center in any city around the world can be verified by a simple method. This post will discuss

Free PTE mock test

A free PTE mock test, as the name implies, provides the test taker with a close to real PTE exam experience without

The PTE’s most important reading sections are Reading & Writing Fill in the Blanks (R&WFIB) and Reading Fill in the Blanks (RFIB).

The PTE test comes in two versions; general and academic. This post will discuss both of these tests. 1. The PTE Academic

Why are PTE results delayed?

There are two reasons why your PTE test result is delayed. One of them is related to technical issues with the main

PTE test reference number is also known as registration ID. This number is on the right-hand side of your photo on your

How long does PTE test last?

Around 3 hours. The PTE test can last as short as 2 hours and 45 minutes to the longest 3 hours and

Can we take PTE exam online?

No, you cannot. In order to sit the PTE test, candidates need to appear at a PTE test center in person with

No, you cannot. PTE candidates can book only one appointment at a time. If they want to book another appointment, they will

Yes, PTE candidates do get negative marking for wrong answers in certain PTE test items. This article will take a look at

Your spelling score can be low because of the following reasons: 1. Essay Writing Your essay is the place where you type

To improve your PTE speaking score follow these tips: 1. Do not underestimate Repeat Sentence questions Repeat Sentence is by far the

There are four reasons why a candidate would get a low score in their PTE writing. Follow the following strategies to resolve

You can introduce yourself just by mentioning your full name, age, where you come from and why you are sitting the PTE

To practice PTE at home, follow the following four steps; 1. Get trained by professionals online The spread of COVID 19 throughout

What is oral fluency in PTE?

Oral fluency is one of the six Enabling skills that the PTE-A scores you on. In linguistics, oral fluency refers to the

Repeat sentence is very important in your PTE test. It is the most important item of all test items in the PTE-A

The minimum number of questions a candidate could get in a PTE-A test is 106 and the maximum is 136. Here is

The most difficult part of the PTE test according to a mean of 100 random PTE results is reading followed by writing.

The PTE score system ranges from the lowest 10 to the highest 90 points. If a candidate does not perform well in

How to get 79 in PTE Reading

In order to get 79 in your PTE reading, make sure you follow the following steps: 1. Reading & Writing Fill in

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