Free online PTE mock test

This article introduces our free online PTE mock test, meticulously crafted to closely mimic the actual PTE Academic exam. The striking resemblance between our mock tests and the official PTE practice platform underscores our team’s comprehensive understanding of the test. Unlike the official PTE test, our practice test delivers an instant score report at the test’s conclusion, eliminating the 24-hour wait.

Once the test commences, similar to the real exam, pausing or stopping is not permitted. Completion of the test is necessary to obtain the score report, which typically takes around two hours.

Getting Started

Before beginning the speaking section, ensure your PC’s microphone and sound system are functioning correctly and grant the website permission to access your microphone.

During the speaking section, potential lags may occur depending on your Internet connection’s upload speed. If lagging persists beyond 30 seconds, refresh the page once.

Like the official PTE Academic test, a 10-minute break precedes the listening section’s start. You can opt to take the break or proceed to the next section.

Accessing Your Score Report

Upon completing the final part of the listening section, a score report is generated in PDF format for download and future reference. Participating in our online “Free trial sessions” allows us to analyze your results. As an indicator of our mock test’s predictive accuracy, achieving an average score of 68 or above typically corresponds to at least three skills scoring above 79 in the official PTE test. To take our free PTE mock test, click “Take the free PTE mock test now.”

Free PTE mock test

To master the strategies for excelling in the PTE Academic test, consider enrolling in our personalized one-on-one Zoom classes. Additionally, take advantage of our complimentary scored PTE mock test and access real PTE materials on our practice platform. Visit our website at for more information.  

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