Online PTE Coaching Vs. Face-to-Face PTE Coaching

Having taught English face-to-face for the past 30 years, I rarely considered online teaching. However, when I began coaching PTE Academic in Australia five years ago, many students asked if I could coach their friends and family abroad. My first thought was to use a video conferencing app like Skype for online teaching. The experience was good, but it didn’t quite match up to face-to-face teaching.

With the advent of advanced online teaching apps and the outbreak of COVID-19, many of us had to switch to online platforms. For me, it was the Zoom app.

Advantages of Online PTE Coaching:

Reduced Carbon Footprint: Students and teachers don’t have to spend hours commuting, saving time and reducing environmental impact.

Convenience: Students and teachers can attend classes from the comfort of their homes using various digital devices. I’ve had PTE students from all over the world.

Computer Familiarity: Since the PTE Academic test is computerized, online classes help students get comfortable using a computer.

Clear Audio: Unlike face-to-face classes, the teacher’s voice can be heard clearly by all students, regardless of their distance from the teacher.

Diverse Teaching Materials: Teachers can use different audio and visual materials effectively. For example, they can annotate a page while students are reading.

Interactive Q&A: All students can simultaneously ask questions by typing them in the chat box.

Enhanced Focus: Teachers can zoom in and highlight important points, which is often limited to projection screens in face-to-face classrooms.

Flexible Scheduling: Online classes can be held at any time and day that suits the students, unlike the limited availability of physical classrooms.

Accessibility: Being bed-bound in a hospital doesn’t mean missing classes; the class comes to you.

Reduced Distractions: Students aren’t distracted by others entering or leaving the classroom or by mobile phones ringing.

Disadvantages of Online PTE Coaching:

Internet Issues: Internet availability and speed can be a serious issue.

Power Outages: Power outages can limit access to online classes.

Social Interaction: Meeting friends in a classroom setting is less likely in a virtual classroom, unless breakout rooms are used by the coach.

Overall, a digital classroom can reach a wider global audience while providing a greener alternative. Personally, I now prefer teaching online over face-to-face classes.

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