Do PTE questions repeat?

Yes, PTE questions get repeated all the time. This is common in standard test systems because of the following reasons:

1. Standard tests must have repeated questions

In order for a test to be able to compare different levels of English with accurate results, the content writers need to have standard test items. These items have been tested on many learners and have been standardized through different test sessions. They can specifically evaluate the test-takers’ abilities on a particular subject and genuinely reflect a person’s knowledge on a particular topic.  Therefore, all good tests must have some of these standard test items repeated to homogeneously rank the test takers.

2. Limited number of standard questions

The process of creating content in the PTE test is the same as creating a vaccine for a particular disease. Before introducing a vaccine as a common means of preventing a disease, it has to undergo several test trials on different age groups and genders. The same is true of standard questions. One cannot come up with questions for a test without trialling it and seeing the results. This means that the PTE test centers have to repeat most of their questions before new ones replace them. Candidates who have sat the PTE test several times have witnessed several of their questions repeated every time they sat the test.

3. 10% of questions are specific to each PTE center

As a leak-proof measure, 10% of all questions in every PTE center are specific to that center. This means that you would not find these questions in any other PTE test centers. Therefore, if PTE questions leak out of a center, that 10% questions will specifically pin point the center affected. Because of this precautionary measure, PTE candidates in the same center are bound to get some of their questions repeated.  

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