How can I improve my PTE repeat sentence?

To improve your PTE Repeat Sentence score, you can try tips and tricks such as not relying on your short-term memory, not closing your eyes while repeating and learn to use shorthand. We will discuss each of these methods in this article.

1. Do NOT rely on your short term memory

When it comes to RS, a lot of candidates resort to the old-school method of listening intently and then delivering. The downsides of this method are these:

A. Our short term memory, generally, can retain 5-8 pieces of information at a time for, as the term implies, short time. This is for ideal conditions where there is no stress or $375 hanging in the balance. Therefore, a small distraction can make you lose your concentration and forget part or the whole of a sentence.

B. It is a known fact that some sentences in the Repeat Sentence can be longer than normal. This will put strain on your short term memory to deliver sooner than the recording starts. So, missing again part or the whole of a sentence.

2. Do NOT close your eyes while repeating

Some students, in order to improve their concentration, close their eyes while delivering the repeated sentence. There is one problem here and that is they tend to repeat the sentence before the recording has actually started. This means even though they have repeated all the words in the RS section, because part of it was outside the recording time, they tend to miss a lot of points here.

3. Learn to use shorthand

The best strategy for RS is to use shorthand. This means that you will not forget a word of the Repeat Sentence section. In fact, this method will give you enough time to start safely within the recording time. So the problem that most people face when they close their eyes will be a thing of the past. What’s more, longer Repeat Sentences will no longer pose any problem on your short term memory.

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