Should I use British or American spelling in my PTE Academic test?

American spelling is preferred in the PTE test because of the following reasons.

The answer to this question depends on whom you ask. If you ask this question from the Pearson officials, they would certainly say both are recognized by our software. However, as someone who has been involved in making a PTE mock test as an adviser, I have my own take on this.

Why American spelling?

American spelling is better for two reasons. First, given that the test is American, American spelling is used in the coding of the test software and other embedded apps such as ‘the Voice to Text Software’. Any word or sentence you utter throughout the PTE test goes through a speech to text app to transcribe it into text so that the computer could be able to compare it against a pre-set answer. The transcription is done in American spelling because the best voice recognition apps are American, too.

Second, an American spelling is simply much easier to remember than its British counterpart.

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