Stuck on the same score in the PTE Academic test?

A lot of PTE candidates end up in a loop of getting the same score over and over again. Their score is slightly different each time, but overall, it is the same as the previous one. What is the solution? In this post, we try to address this issue.

1. Change your PTE test center

Provided that you do everything right and you follow the right templates and procedures, the best strategy is to change your PTE test center. PTE Test Centers are actually different from one another in many aspects. Some centers are old and most of their hardware such as keyboards, headphones, microphones and computers are old and faulty. A bad microphone, for example, will result in a low score in the speaking and listening skills. A faulty computer will result in crashing in the middle of the test, which is very disappointing for candidates. This is despite the fact that the center will offer another test for free for the affected candidates, but the stress is still there. For finding out how to find the best PTE center in your country, read the following post. If your score still didn’t change drastically, then you need to change your PTE trainer and, consequently, using different templates and approach.  

2. Change your PTE trainer

Another reason why you keep getting the same score is that you are doing something wrong. This could be because you are using a wrong method or an imperfect one, or you are attempting some items of the PTE test that you should not, in fact, attempt. The best approach here is to switch to another PTE trainer by sending your score and ask him/her if he/she can help you achieve your desired PTE score. Mind you, an expert PTE trainer should be able tell you exactly where you have gone wrong just by looking at your PTE score report. At, we certainly can help you achieve the score you want. Just book a free zoom meeting with us by clicking this link. Then during your session, you can show us your previous PTE report for analysis.

Need more information?

For learning the tricks of how to ace the PTE academic test, and for doing a free scored PTE mock test and practicing real PTE materials on our PTE practice platform, visit our website at, where you can also book a free online PTE coaching with one of our Melbourne-based expert PTE trainers via the zoom app.

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