Two things you should know before you embark on the PTE Reading Section


The Reading section of the PTE test is, perhaps, the most difficult part for most PTE candidates. The two most important items of the reading section are Reading & Writing; fill in the blanks and Reading, fill in the blanks. Because Reading & Writing; fill in the blanks contributes points to the writing skill, any weakness in this part will cause a drop in points of writing skill as well.

The first thing you need to do

Time management is the most important element in this section. Candidates need to know how to prioritize their time on different parts of the Reading section. You need to know, for instance, that you should spend most of your time on Reading & Writing; fill in the blanks. Then, you should make sure that there is enough time left for the last part of the Reading section, which happens to be the second most important item as well, Reading, fill in the blanks. The rest of it is how much time and practice you spend on the PTE practice materials on our PTE practice platform.

PTE academic book 

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PTE academic reading practice test

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Need more information?

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