What is partial credit in PTE?

A partial credit question in the PTE test is a question for which you can get part of its full mark (credit) if you give part of the correct answer. For example, in a Repeat Sentence with the following transcription; “ALL STAFF MUST LEAVE FROM THE FIRE HYDRANT EXIT” If a PTE candidate repeats the following words as the answer; “ALL personnel MUST left FROM EXIT”, then, the candidate will get half of its full mark or relative to the correct percentage of the answer.

On the other hand, if a PTE candidate gives a wrong answer to a question as in this Answer Short Question; “How many alphabets are there in the English language?”, then any answers a part from 26 will be incorrect.

All PTE questions can be divided into 2 types in terms of scoring. These two types are; Full/No credit questions (Correct/incorrect answers) and partial credit questions (partly correct/incorrect answers).

60% of PTE questions are partial credit type. The following PTE item types are partially credited:

And the following PTE item types are Full/No credit type;

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