Where can I write a PTE mock test for free?

thePTE.com offers you a free PTE mock test. Why are thePTE.com’s free and paid PTE mock tests the best?

Instant test report

Unlike the Pearson Academic test centers who produce a test report in 24 hours, our mock tests give our test-takers a score report right when they finish their last Write from dictation question. This test report will be in a PDF format.

New PTE test format

Our PTE mock tests follow the new PTE format from the 16th of Nov 2021. These changes are shown in the following picture.

Predictive PTE mock tests

The scores you get in our PTE mock tests will be a good indication of the score you are going to get in the real PTE test. The only difference is that your score in the PTE test will be higher because of practice factor and also because our mock test are more difficult than the real PTE test.

Free PTE mock test is what you need?

In order to learn the templates and hacks of how to ace the PTE academic test, do a free scored PTE mock test on my PTE practice platform, or visit my website at www.thepte.com, where you can check my online PTE coaching plans to get trained from the comfort of your home by thepte.com.     

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