Where to take PTE mock test?

There are a few numbers of PTE mock tests available on the Internet. These PTE mock tests can be examined based on three categories of content, appearance and scoring.

Pearson PTE mock tests

Content-wise speaking, the best PTE mock test is provided by the Pearson itself. The questions provided in these tests are parallel to the real PTE questions. However, the downside of this test is that from an appearance point of view, it is not close to the real PTE test. Also, in terms of scoring the test itself denies any sort of correlation between the score you get in their PTE mock test and your future performance in the real PTE score result.

thePTE.com mock tests

Content-wise speaking, our PTE mock tests are close to the real PTE exam with the minor difference that our questions are more difficult compared to the real PTE question. This is an advantage because this makes real PTE questions really easy to deal with for those who have taken our PTE mock test.

From an appearance point of view, our PTE mock tests are designed by a developer who has sat the PTE test specifically for getting to know the nitty gritty of the software and particularly the appearance.

And last but not least, our scoring is more or less in the same ballpark as the comparison of our students’ PTE mock test results has shown. Here again, our PTE mock test results are a bit lower compared to the real PTE score results because as I mentioned before, our PTE mock test questions are tougher compared to the real one.    

Need more information?

In order to learn the tricks of how to ace the PTE academic test, do a free scored PTE mock test and practice real PTE materials on our PTE practice platform, visit our website at www.thepte.com, where you can also book for a free online PTE coaching with one of our Melbourne-based expert PTE trainers via the zoom app.

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