Which website is best for PTE mock test?

Try one PTE mock test for free

Our 10 scored PTE mock tests are designed on the bases of the new PTE format effective from the 16th of November 2021. The score card for these mock tests will be issued on the spot after you finish the test. The results of these mock tests are a good indication of what score you are going to get in your real PTE exam.

The best PTE practice platform

On our PTE practice platform, PTE candidates will be able to practice individual PTE test items in a format that is very similar to the real PTE test. The questions here are very close to the materials one could get in a real TPE test. What’s more, we have got a lot of exercises for you to hone the hacks and templates that you have learned in our classes.

The best set of 10 PTE mock tests

Our mock tests sold 10 for 10 dollars, not only are they the cheapest on the Internet, but also they are the closest to the real PTE test in every aspect. You will get a score card right after you finish your mock test and not a minute later. Also, our mock tests are based on the PTE new changes effective after the 16th of November 2021.

Free PTE practice test is what you want

In order to learn the tricks of how to ace the PTE academic test, do a free scored PTE mock test and practice real PTE materials on our PTE practice platform, visit our website at www.thepte.com, where you can also book for a free online PTE coaching with one of our Melbourne-based expert PTE trainers via the zoom app.  

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