An introduction to the Pearson Test of English Academic sample test

Background’s PTE mock test takes about two hours to complete. It is a simulation of the real PTE test with all the PTE test items ordered in the standard pattern. The difference between any online sample test and the real PTE test is that unlike a PTE mock test, the real one is not internet based. Therefore, candidates do not experience the common laggings and glitches that you might face in an online PTE sample test.

One more difference between’s PTE mock test and all other online tests is that our test produces a score report right on the spot after the last item of the test is done. In other tests including the Pearson’s online mock test a wait of up to 48 hours is quite normal.

Remember, in all online PTE mock tests the speed of your internet connection is a decisive factor. So try to do your online PTE mock test at a time when it is not the internet peak usage.

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For learning the tricks of how to ace the PTE academic test, and for doing a free scored PTE mock test and practicing real PTE materials on our PTE practice platform, visit our website at, where you can also book a free online PTE coaching with one of our Melbourne-based expert PTE trainers via the zoom app.  

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