Can we take notes in PTE?

Yes, you can take notes in the PTE test, but not in pen. This post will discuss how it is done and how to improve it.

1. Strict rules for safeguarding the PTE question bank

PTE questions get repeated (read more). Therefore, PTE centers try their best to stop leaking questions. This means candidates are not allowed to take any writing implements such as pens or pencils with them into the test room. The only thing you are allowed to take with you into the test room is your passport only. Some test centers even do not allow candidates to take water bottles with them into the test room. They provide the candidates with water bottles as well.

2. Writing implements provided

Test centers provide candidates with markers and erasable noteboard to be used for note-taking purposes. Candidates are not allowed to take these means of writing out of the test center, either. Candidates take their notes on these laminated A4 white pages and at the end of the test, they are cleaned and erased for the next test takers. There are enough blank pages in each bundle, so you really do not need to get a spare one. But get at least 2 spare markers if you were not offered at any at the start of your test.

3. Tricky markers

Using a marker for writing purposes is very tricky as the nib of the marker tends to go dry really quickly. This means when you really need it, in the middle of a re-tell lecture, for example, the marker stops writing costing you precious points. To get more information on how to effectively use the marker and the erasable noteboard, watch this youtube video.

Need more information?

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