How do you read numbers in PTE Read Aloud?

If you are not sure how to read a multidigit number, the best way to get it right is to read it digit by digit. This post will cover how to read numbers in the Read Aloud section of the PTE test.

Read Aloud section

In this section of the Speaking module, a paragraph or two is given to PTE candidates to read. They are given sometime to prepare and then they hear a beep, signalling the start of recording. Watch the video below.

Sometimes, there are multidigit numbers in a Read Aloud paragraph or in a Describe Image question and a PTE candidate wants to know the best strategy to deal with these numbers. Well, in order to do that, you first need to know how this section is scored.

Speech to text software

Throughout the whole Speaking module, the Pearson Test of English uses a speech to text software to transcribe what the PTE candidates say or read into text. Once it is changed into text, it is easy to compare and contrast the answers against the saved answer key for each question. So, when it comes to numbers, if it is a long multidigit number, the best strategy is to read it digit by digit. For instance, instead of reading the following number 645,327 as SIX HUNDRED, FORTY FIFE THOUSAND AND THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-SEVEN. You can simply read it as SIX, FOUR, FIVE, THREE, TWO, SEVEN.

Or if you cannot pronounce the following numbers 17, 70 in a way that they are distinguishable, you can follow the same strategy in reading them.

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