How is PTE exam checked?

The PTE exam is marked by a computer. In fact, a human assessor is not involved in any stages of this test. This has both advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of a computer assessor

Firstly, a computer assessor has no prejudice or bias when it comes to accents, spelling, handwriting, color of skin and how you appear for your test. It is absolutely impartial on everything.

Secondly, test takers cannot influence their assessors in any way. So no bribery or pulling strings before your exam.

Disadvantages of a computer assessor

A computer assessor or software can fail in some sections of the test. For example, in Essay Writing a computer cannot understand semantics in the same way a human assessor can. For instance, the following sentence would be grammatically and semantically OK to a computer software, while a human assessor knows that that is basically wrong.

‘My cat does all my shopping for me. My cat Alice drives to supermarket near my house and does all my shopping everyday.’    

To a computer, these two sentences are fine since the subject verb agreements are all in mint condition. Only a human assessor would say: Wait a minute! A cat cannot do any of the above action. Are you taking me for a fool?

Need more information?

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