Is there any dress code for PTE exam?

No, there is no dress code for appearing for your PTE exam other than the normal dress code applied in the country where your test center is located. But there are certain articles of clothing that you cannot take with you to the PTE Test room and they are:

No jewellery thicker than ½ centimetre

If you usually wear thick jewelleries, then you should leave them in your locker at the PTE test center or just leave them at home on the day of your PTE test. If you have grown in them and you cannot take them off easily, then the PTE guys will cover them in sticky tape.

No fashion headgear

If you wear a religious or traditional headgear such as a turban, then you can take it with you to the test center provided that it is checked by the PTE officials before entering the test room. All these precautions are to safeguard the PTE exam questions against any leakage.

No digital or analogue gadgets

PTE candidates are not allowed to take even their analogue wrist-watch to the test room. PTE candidates need to leave them in their locker before entering the test room.

No coats

The temperature of the room is ambient, so candidates have no excuse for wearing coats. Coats also need to be tucked away in your locker at the PTE test center.

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