How to effectively use markers in the PTE Academic test

PTE candidates will face a particular problem using markers when they are doing the PTE-A test. To avoid this problem, watch our YouTube video link below or read the following post.

When preparing for the Pearson Test of English Academic, most candidates use a pen or a pencil for note-taking purposes. This means that they would be unaware of the effects of not being able to use common writing implements during their test.

For note-taking purposes, PTE test centres will provide you with a marker and a bundle of laminated, squared papers – an erasable booklet – to write on.

Some do’s and don’ts

When using the marker, make sure you DO NOT take the cap off without
using it as the nib of the marker tends to go dry really quickly and it would
take a while for the test administrator to provide you with a spare one. So
at the start, ask for one or two spare markers.

Need more information?

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