PTE mock free test provides a complimentary PTE mock test complete with a test result. Your receipt of the test result is not contingent on any factors; upon completing the test, you will promptly receive your result. The result will be issued in PDF format immediately upon conclusion of the test.

Furthermore, we have updated our test format to align with the recent changes to the PTE test format, which took effect on November 16, 2021. These modifications have shortened the duration of the PTE test to as little as 2 hours.

More PTE mock tests?

Seeking more PTE mock tests? At, we offer PTE mock tests for as low as $1 each. Our mock tests are available in sets of 10 for $10, granting access for up to three months. During this three-month period, clients may utilize these tests as frequently as desired.

Interested in a free PTE mock test?

To master the templates and strategies for excelling in the PTE academic test, take advantage of our complimentary scored PTE mock test on our PTE practice platform. Alternatively, visit our website at to explore our online PTE coaching plans and receive expert training from the comfort of your own home with Hugh.

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