PTE new score report format

Since November 2021 along with the new shorter PTE Academic test format, the Pearson introduced a new format for its score report issued for the PTE candidates. This post will discuss this new change. 

What has changed in the PTE new score report?  

The new PTE score report only shows the scores for the four communicative skills of Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing along with the average score.

However, in the old version, the scores for 6 other enabling skills of Grammar, Oral fluency, Pronunciation, Spelling, Vocabulary and Written discourse were indicated too.

The new score report format has got rid of the section where it indicated whether it was the first time the test-taker had done the PTE test or not. This section served no particular purpose and I wonder why it was ever presented to begin with.

Is this change good or bad?

As an expert PTE trainer, this was a bad change. I receive a lot of score reports on daily basis asking me to analyze their score and tell them where they are going wrong. By looking at the enabling skills scores, I could exactly pinpoint where a test-taker has gone wrong and the test-taker took care of the section and the score would improve. But just by looking at the communicative skills scores, there are two or three options for each skill to improve. And that is not good. Therefore, I ask those who present a new score report for me to analyze to take my free PTE mock test and give me its score report card. This is because my free PTE mock test still presents you with the 6 enabling skills score.

For the Pearson staff, it is better because the fewer the number of skills, the fewer the number of complaints they receive in regards to the scores validity and the overall average of the test score.

Free PTE mock test is what you want?

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