PTE Practice Book, a genuine source of exercise for PTE candidates

This book has been written by Hugh (Hamid) Rostami and Dr Elahe Shakhsi Dastgahian in an attempt to familiarize PTE test takers with the basics of the PTE academic test. The book consists of 296 pages. All practice tests are genuine, authentic English passages devised and tailored specifically for the Pearson Test of English. These tests, especially the reading section, have been standardized during our PTE classes over a two-year period and later reviewed by an English native speaker academic.

The Reading chapter

The reading section is made up of test items from scientific passages on common English academic collocations. The Reading fill in the blanks section has 117 test items, while Reading and writing: fill in the blanks has over 130 test items.

The Listening chapter

The listening section also covers a lot of common PTE topics and provides candidates with a rich selection of different English accents.

Need more information?

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