A broad breakdown of the types of question candidates may have in a Reading & Writing; Fill in the Blanks Reading section of the PTE Academic test


R&WFIB is the first part of the Reading section of the PTE test. This section takes the lion’s share of the points in the Reading section. Each candidate will have 4-6 pages of R&WFIB items. Each page contains 4-6 four multiple choice questions.

We can divide the questions in Reading and writing; fill in the blanks (R&WFIB) Reading section of the PTE Academic Test into two broad types which focus on grammar and vocabulary, respectively.

Grammar-based type of question constitutes only less than 5% of the questions and the rest are vocabulary-based. Almost all vocabulary-based questions are revolving around collocations and phrases in the English language. For watching a video on different types of collocations, click on this link.

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