The importance of knowing collocations in the PTE Academic’s Reading section

What is collocation?

The easiest definition of collocation is expressed in the word itself. “co” meaning together along with “location” meaning place. In other words, a group of words that like to hang out together in the same order or place. For example, “commit a crime” is a typical collocation in English.

Why learn collocations?

Since native English speakers use collocations all the time, knowing and using them will make your language more natural and easily understood. Also, you would have alternative and richer ways of expressing yourself. Finally, most reading questions in the Reading and writing and reading; fill in the blanks fo the PTE academic test revolve around collocations and their usage in English.

Types of collocations

There are 12 types of collocations in English and they are presented here from the most common ones to the least:

  • adj + noun
  • noun + noun
  • adj + preposition
  • verb + noun
  • verb + preposition
  • noun + preposition
  • verb + adv
  • adv + adj
  • noun + verb
  • adv + adv
  • adv + verb
  • verb + verb

Need more information?

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