Answer Short Questions (ASQ) in the PTE Academic test


Answer Short Question which is the last section of the PTE Speaking module includes 10-12 questions. The candidates are expected to produce a single or two word response to each question in about 8 seconds. If candidates remain quiet for more than 3 seconds, their microphone will shut automatically and they will lose the opportunity to answer the intended question. ASQ contributes more points to your Listening skill than your Speaking one.

Types of questions

There are three types of question in ASQ part of the PTE test. ‘Wh’ questions such as ‘Who has the highest role in an embassy?’ are the most common ones.

Sometimes, the ‘Wh’ question appear as a binary choice item, containing two options to choose from. Here is an example: Which one is more environmentally friendly, a car, a train or a bicycle?

Finally, the questions may appear as a form of stimulus-response items, containing an image or any other stimulus to facilitate the candidates’ understanding of the question. For example, the candidates may see a photo of the Eifel Tower. Then a voice asks; what monument do you see in the photo?

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