Why are PTE results delayed?

There are three reasons why your PTE test result is delayed. One of them is related to technical issues with the main processing PC at your test center and the other two are related to candidate’s performance and profile. This post will address this issue.

More than 90% of the PTE candidates receive their test result between 2 to 48 hours after their PTE exam. The rest will receive theirs in a week or in some cases up to two weeks. These could be some of the reasons behind this delay.

1. Pearson double accounts

Creating more than one account on the Pearson venue website will end in a late or never receiving a PTE test result. Some students say that ‘I created an account back in my country. Now, I have forgotten my password and email. Further, I am now in Australia. So, I made a new one.’ The software doesn’t disallow double registration, so when it comes to sending your PTE result to your designated account, it doesn’t know which one and that is one of the reasons why some students will not receive their PTE result, unless they contact the PTE headquarters through their usual communication channels. Click on this link to learn how to contact PTE venue.    

2. Audio quality issues

All sections of the PTE speaking module rely on recording the candidate’s voice. This recording needs to be within a certain frequency range for the PTE voice-to-text software to be able to transcribe. If the candidate misplaces the microphone or speaks in a lower voice, or at the other extreme, speaks louder than a frequency range, then that recording needs to normalized by a software. This normalization process is done by another software and then fed to the main PC for marking process. That could be why your friend who sat his PTE test with you in the same PTE center gets his result that same day, but your result takes more time.

3. Technical issues   

Sometimes, the main computer at a PTE test center needs maintenance or an upgrade. Therefore, results take more time to be processed.

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