Can the Pearson test of English Academic recognize my accent?

No, there is no software that can pick up accent or even worse mark it. This issue will be discussed in this post.

The PTE Academic test, unlike IELTS in which the examiner is a human, uses a voice to text software to evaluate and mark a particular spoken skill. This software uses the same algorithm that your smartphone uses for voice commands. That is transcribing what one is saying and then performing the jobs that are related to that written command.

As of today March, 2020, there has been no software to definitely distinguish and recognize different accents. Apart from this, the PTE academic test does not have a subskill section for accent. Therefore, your pronunciation is assessed as the main criteria. Read more on how to improve your pronunciation by clicking here. As long as you pronounce the words in a manner recognizable by the voice to text app, you are going to get the full mark for your pronunciation regardless of your accent.

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