Demystifying the myth of the “backspace effect” in the PTE academic writing section

There is NO negative marking for using backspace. It is simply a hoax that has gone viral. This post will discuss this bogus idea.

A lot of students while surfing the YouTube have come across videos in which it is claimed that pressing the backspace key while typing during the writing section will result in points being deducted from their overall writing score.
Believe you me that there are candidates who vehemently believed that this was the sole reason why they got a low score on their writing skill.

In reality

As an educationalist and someone who provided consultation to a creative web-developer to design the best online PTE practice platform and the best online PTE mock test, I have to say that this idea is completely BOGUS. Misspelling, grammatical mistakes, inappropriate use of punctuation or lack of it, to name a few, can have an effect on your overall writing score, but NOT using the backspace key.

Need more information?

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