How can I introduce myself in PTE exam?

You can introduce yourself just by mentioning your full name, age, where you come from and why you are sitting the PTE test. It is the easiest section of the PTE test because of the following reasons.

1. Don’t worry! It is not marked. 

The personal Introduction section at the start of the speaking section plays the role of a microphone test and a voice signature for candidates. You are not scored on the content of this section, so take it easy.

2. Mention the followings

Say hi, and who and how old you are. Also you can say why you need to sit the PTE test. If you like, you can mention where you come from and what your purpose of sitting the test is.

Here is an example: “Hi, my name is Hugh Ross and I am 35 years old. I am from Someland and I need to do the PTE test for my immigration to Australia.”

3. It is nothing but a voice signature

Basically, in Personal Introduction part of the PTE test, you are officially attesting to the identity of the person who is doing the test by recording your voice. So in case of a dispute, the PTE test center presents this part as a proof of identity for the test taker.

Need more information?

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