What is grammar in PTE?

Grammar is one of the six Enabling Skills of the PTE test. The Enabling Skills of the PTE test in the order they appear on the PTE score report are: Grammar, Oral Fluency, Pronunciation, Spelling, Vocabulary and Written Discourse.

Your grammar score partly comes from Summarize Spoken Text (SST), the first part of the Listening module and partly from Write Essay section of the Writing module. The main grammatical mistakes that students commit are; subject-verb disagreement, lack of plural -S in plural nouns, third person singular in simple present tense …

Subject-verb disagreement  

This is a very common grammatical mistake among students. For example, can you spot the grammatical mistake in the following sentence?

The significance of all these problems are laid in the fact that they are all invisible to the naked eye.

As you probably noticed the subject of the sentence is ‘significanceand it is singular, while the verb for this sentence is plural ‘are’.

Lack of plural -S in plural nouns

Another common grammatical problem is that students write a sentence without a plural -s where it is needed. Take a look at the following sentence:

One of my teacher, Tom was very helpful with my math questions.

Can you pick the grammatical mistake here?

Well, when we use the phrase ‘One of …’, then noun after it should be plural, but in this example it is not.

Third person singular

The last common grammatical problem is the lack of third person S in Simple Present tense. For example, a student might write: The supermarket near my house sell almost everything I need.

In this example, while the supermarket is the subject of the sentence and singular, the main verb ‘sell’ is plural. It should have been ‘sells’.

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