What is the format of PTE exam?

The PTE test is a fully computerized test that has to be done in an authorized PTE Test Center. A PTE test can be done in around three hours.

The test consists of four modules of speaking, writing, reading and listening, respectively. Each module consists of some sub-sections.

Speaking module

The Speaking module consists of the following subsections appearing in the same order in your PTE test.

Read Aloud, Repeat Sentence, Describe Image, Re-tell Lecture and Answer short Questions.

Writing module

The Writing module comprises Summarize Written Text and Essay Writing subsections, respectively.

Reading module

The Reading module consists of Reading & Writing Fill in the Blanks, Re-order Paragraph, Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answers, Reading Fill in the Blanks and finally, Multiple Choice, Choose Single Answer.

Listening module

The Listening module is composed of the following subsections: Summarized Spoken Text, Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answers, Fill in the Blanks, Highlight Correct Summary, Multiple Choice, Choose Single Answer, Select Missing Word, Highlight Incorrect Words and Write From Dictation.

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